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Safeheron is an institutional-grade MPC self-custody platform for digital assets

$30 billion digital assets securely transferred


The Most Secure Self-Custody Solution Available

Hardware-Like Security with the Convenience of a Hot-Wallet

  • MPC
  • Intel SGX
  • Policy Engine
  • Offline Member Authorization
  • Secure Transfers
  • MFA
  • Offline Private Key Recovery

Certified by Leading Institutions

  • Certification
  • Audit
  • Insurance
  • MPC-based cryptography eliminates the potential risk of a single point of failure on private keys
  • Policy engine with hardware isolation prevents internal collusion and human error
  • Zero-trust security architecture defends against third-party malicious acts
  • Users have complete control of recovery phrases of all key shards
  • Users can always recover private keys and transfer assets even if Safeheron's service is not available

Secure, Efficient and Enterprise-Ready

One-Stop Wallet Suite

  • 1
    Asset Wallet supports BTC, ETH, and 60+ digital assets across mainstream public blockchains
  • 2
    Web3 Suite enables easy NFT management and secure dApp interactions
  • 3
    Exchange network provides a seamless experience for instant asset transfers and efficient settlements
  • 4
    A seamless all-in-one asset management solution features a mobile app, Web console, browser extension, APIs, and SDKs that can be activated in just 5 minutes

Discover More

  • Hashkey Capital and Bixin Ventures Co-Led Safeheron Pre-A+ Round

  • Safeheron Partners with MetaMask for MPC Security Solutions

  • Safeheron Achieves SOC 2 Type II Certification, Data Security System Further Recognized

  • Asset Management Solutions for Bitcoin Layer 2s

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