Our Mission

Build a leading industry infrastructure for the secure self-custody of digital assets by adhering to the principles of transparency and openness.

Who We Are

The cryptocurrency market experienced a massive loss of $1.1 billion in 2018 due to cyber attacks.

The continuous security breaches and the risk of asset security due to the single-point vulnerability of private keys were a significant source of concern for Safeheron founder, Wade Wang, who was managing billions of dollars in assets at that time.

To address these issues, he sought solutions and turned to his close friend, a cryptography expert, Max He. Working together, they discovered that the combination of secure multiparty computation (SMPC) and trusted execution environment (TEE) could provide a secure method for managing digital assets. As a result, Safeheron was created. It has a decentralized design, uses open-source code technology that is easily verifiable, and puts asset control in the hands of the users.

Many institutions face the daunting challenge of securing digital assets while maintaining efficient workflows and keeping up with the fast-paced business world.

Safeheron has confronted this challenge by creating a multi-layered security technology architecture that utilizes secure multiparty computation (MPC) as the "key," along with Intel SGX and a zero-trust security design. Our transparent and open approach aims to provide businesses and institutions with the security and efficiency they need.


We have had an exciting journey of growth and achieved significant milestones as we continue to innovate and offer cutting-edge solutions.

  • The Impact of Technology on Our Future

    Technology's enormous potential to shape the future is being unleashed, and Safeheron's innovative laboratory plays a critical role as a pioneer of self-custody technology based on private computing in Asia. We have always operated under a philosophy of transparency and openness, ensuring that our actions align with our words and adhere to the highest security standards. As such, we are setting a new industry standard, so to speak.

    ——— Wade Wang, CEO

  • Providing Excellent Service

    I joined Safeheron with a strong security industry background and a passion for assisting others. Working alongside our team with clients, I am dedicated to providing digital asset self-custody services to address their most critical business challenges and develop customized strategies to meet their specific needs. We believe that maintaining customer trust requires a commitment to providing superior service, leveraging our expertise to assist customers, and continually improving the user experience.

    ——— Jag Foo, Head of Business Development

  • Reaching Our Goal Through Iteration and Innovation

    Rather than striving for perfection from the start, we prioritize analyzing every piece of feedback we receive, continuously refining our products and enhancing their features through a meticulous process. With a focus on craftsmanship and attention to detail, we take deliberate steps towards our goals. Our commitment to excellence fills me with immense pride.

    ——— Feri, Product Manager

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