Safeheron Lab

Safeheron Lab, led by co-founder and Chief Scientist Max He, is an innovative laboratory focused on blockchain security. Our team consists of researchers from diverse fields of science, engineering, and security, with a common goal to push the limits of blockchain security research.

Our commitment lies in offering technology and commercial product services through collaborations between industry, universities, and research. We aim to nurture innovative and pioneering technical talents and promote engineering and innovation in MPC, TEE, and other technologies. Our focus is on the commercialization of trusted computing, cryptography, and blockchain technology with a goal bringing a secure and efficient product experiences to the industry.

Safeheron Lab has established a joint laboratory with the Turing AI Institute and is collaborating with universities like Xidian University to advance the integration of trusted computing and blockchain security.

Our Advisors

  • Turing Al Institute

    Founded by Chi-Chin Yao (MPC introducer & Turing Award winner)

  • Ma Wenping

    Professor from Xidian Univ. (Top cryptography university in China)

  • Guo Yi

    Tsinghua University & Jiananan Institute of Computing Technology

  • Yu Xian

    Top security expert & SlowMist founder

Security Partners


Open-Source Technology

Dedicated to building a secure, transparent, and verifiable self-custody infrastructure, Safeheron continuously open sources critical algorithms.

  • Transparent

    Verifiable algorithms are accessible to all to guarantee the credibility of the system security.

  • Compliance

    We maintain the industry's highest security standards to further assure reliable system security.

  • Innovation

    We promote the blockchain spirit of decentralization and open-source practices to encourage algorithmic innovation.

Join us in shaping the future of digital asset security through technology.