MPC Node Suite

Build Your MPC Wallet Flexibly, Seamlessly Integrated into Your Application

The MPC Node Suite offers a fully privatized white-label solution, assisting you in building MPC wallet-based applications securely, efficiently, and at scale.

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  • Keyless Wallets
  • Cross-Chain Bridge
  • Decentralized Exchanges
  • Exchanges
  • Asset Management Platforms
  • Digital Payment Providers
  • Custody Service Providers
  • GameFi Platforms
  • Banks

Leverage advanced key management technology with premier security to facilitate client business success.

Who Uses Safeheron MPC Node Suite?

A private MPC-TSS key management solution that is secure, universal, and cross-platform

The solution offers server-side MPC Node middleware and Embedded MPC Node SDKs for browsers, Android, and iOS devices.
Equipped with standardized functions, interfaces, and integration processes for all ends, it enables developers to quickly deploy and build cross-platform applications, all while retaining full data ownership through complete private deployment.

Server Side Services

MPC Node Service
Intel SGX
MPC Node Relayer
MPC Node Certificate Authority Service
Intel SGX

Client Side SDKs

Embedded MPC Node
Embedded MPC Node
Embedded MPC Node

Empower Diverse Business Scenarios to Accelerate Customer Success

With the versatility and flexibility of the MPC Node Suite, you can build a wide range of business scenarios.

Keyless Wallets

Easily build keyless wallets similar to Zengo Wallet or OKX Web3 Wallet.

Centralized Finance Platforms

Effortlessly develop centralized financial platforms, such as exchanges and digital payment platforms, using MPC technology to eliminate the single point of failure on server-side private keys, and leveraging TEE technology for enhanced security protection.

Self-Custody Platforms

Easily build self-custody platforms akin to Safeheron Self-Custody Platform, a SaaS solution. Integrate asset management and approval workflows seamlessly with your business scenarios, offering your users secure, efficient products with exceptional user experience.

Eliminate single-point risks while supporting various MPC-TSS protocols, offering flexible and configurable thresholds to satisfy different business scenarios

Leveraging Safeheron's proprietary MPC cryptographic technology, the private key never appears on any physical devices. Instead, multiple key shards compute the signature without exposing themselves, effectively eliminating security threats from external hackers and malicious insiders to a single private key.

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Secure Multi-Party Computation And
Supported MPC-TSS Protocols

Hardware-Level trust and security to safeguard the digital assets for institutions and their users

The MPC Node Suite introduces Intel SGX technology throughout the entire lifecycle of cloud key shard management. Even if hackers and malicious software compromise and take control of the server's operating system, they cannot steal sensitive data stored within the trusted execution environment (TEE).

TEE Technology Overview
Intel® SGX Data Sealing
Remote Attestation: Explore the DCAP Certificate Chain

Why Choose Safeheron?

  • The Highest Levels of Control

    Built for institutions requiring a 100% privatized deployment of the MPC-TSS key management system with complete and exclusive control over key management and the entire MPC-TSS wallet module.

  • The Highest Levels of Flexibility

    Built for distributed key generation, storage, and usage, supporting almost any custody model, any blockchain, as well as nearly any t of n MPC-TSS threshold security scheme.

  • The Highest Levels of Security

    Built for institutions that require the highest level of key protection schemes, ensuring that a complete key does not appear on any device at any time throughout the entire lifecycle of a private key, thereby eliminating single points of failure.